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About Train The Trainer Online Course

Course Description

Delivering a training course requires many skills. A trainer must know the content well and be an expert in it, be able to communicate well, know how learning works, have a high level of empathy to understand what delegates are going through and be able to show enthusiasm about the content.

People including you will always remember a good teacher many years later and the same applies to the training world. Becoming a good trainer is not at all hard. All you need to do is to practice the required skills and have persistence to use them.

This highly effective, high intensity and engaging course is designed for anyone who wishes to make their career as a corporate trainer. British Connections “Train the Trainer” course prepares you to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic.

About your Certificate (Important)
Behind Your certificate all the marks attained during the course will be mentioned.
Your original certificate will be sent by courier.
You can also download your certificate after successfully completing your course.
Course Duration & Training schedule

Two and a half months full course ( 75 days)
After watching my first lesson video, you can do your written theory and upload the test before or by the 7th day. My video will then go offline on the 7th day. The next lesson will be available to you only after the written test is completed and submitted. This will be continued till the end.

You will be submitting your “learning to train” videos of 15 mins each only after my 2nd video session. You will then be scheduled for a live feedback of your training session that you have submitted. This will be continued for your 15 or 20 practical training video you will submit.

Your course should be completed in 2 and half months.

If for any reason you cannot complete the course in the given time, you will be charged extra fees for the number of days you wish to continue.

Course Curriculum

Roles and Qualities of a great trainer

Training Need Analysis

Various Training Training Methods

Principles of Adult Learning

Anxieties of an Adult Learners

Principles of Giving a Feed Back

Feedback Mistakes to AVOID

Difficult Behaviors in class

15 to 20 video submissions

Live Feedback online

Assignments to be completed

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