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Train The Trainer Course

When you attend our “Train the Trainer” Certified Course you can expect results immediately as you apply what you learn in your own training.

British Connections…. as the name implies has a British link so you can be assured that your training will be second to none. The Company is run by professionals who have an excellent knowledge of teaching Industry. British Connections is proud to be one of the best training institutes in Pune and specializes in the “Train The Trainer” course, for the last Thirteen years.

Our “Train the Trainer” Training programme is developed and based on some very sound principles; Adult learning is based on action – learning (learning by doing); Is User-Friendly; Is User-Urgent (immediately useful); Is lifestyle enhancing (helping participants to live better life); Is based on team synergy; Include assessment and evaluations; Encourage lateral thinking (if possible include mind mapping); Contains material that reinforces learning practices; Is life relevant; Satisfy adult needs; “You cannot teach a person; you can only help him to find it within himself.”


Corporate Trainer

Soft Skills Trainer

Accent Nutrilisation Trainer

English Enhancement Trainer

About TTT Course

Delivering a training course requires many skills. A trainer must know the content well and be an expert in it, be able to communicate well, know how learning works, have a high level of empathy to understand what delegates are going through and be able to show enthusiasm about the content.

People including you will always remember a good teacher many years later and the same applies to the training world. Becoming a good trainer is not at all hard. All you need to do is to practice the required skills and have persistence to use them.

This highly effective, high intensity and engaging course is designed for anyone who wishes to make their career as a corporate trainer. This course is tailored to ensure it can be directly applied to your workplace. Once certified, the trainers will hit the ground running as soon as possible.

British Connections “Train the Trainer” course prepares you to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic.

About TTT Course Plan

Train The Trainer” Course Duration

Two and Half Months to Complete the Full Course.

Saturdays : 10:30 To 05:30 (For 10 Saturdays)

Sundays : 11:00 To 05:30 (For 11 Sundays)


Be ready to change and adapt, always thinking on their feet.Have confidence speaking in public.Have the ability to remain focused.Have a thorough understanding of the programme subject matter. Communicate clearly at all times.Be patient.Practice good time management.Evaluate the outcome of training programmes. Another important trait of an effective trainer is to have effective negotiating skills, making the participants understand and clearing their doubts is very essential. Negotiating skills are very important to convince the participants and other individuals in relation to difficult situations at training.


Identify Knowledge Gaps Before They Become A Problem. One huge benefit of conducting training needs analysis is the fact it can help you identify any knowledge gaps your trainees may have before it becomes an issue. It’s better to highlight a potential problem and tackle it head-on, rather than becoming aware of the skills gap when an issue arises because of it. The training needs analysis will allow you to take a proactive approach rather than waiting for something to go wrong before you realize there is a problem.


Making an effective lesson plan takes time, dedication, and an understanding of students’ abilities and goals. In the field of educating adults, every trainer should strive to motivate students to retain as much as possible during the course of the class and apply it. The trainer conducts the lesson as outlined in the plan in order to achieve the goal of the course. The measurement of a successful lesson plan is often proven through the use of worksheets, homework, or a test.


Delivering a training course requires many skills. A trainer must know the content well or be an expert in it. Trainers must feel confident about their domain or expertise, however a good trainer must poses a set of skills directly dedicated to training others and on transfer of knowledge form one person to another. All you need to do is to practice the required skills and have persistence to use them. Next, adjust your performance based on the feedback from your delegates and how much they have learned from your delivery session.


Praise and criticism are both personal judgments about a performance effort or outcome, with praise being a favourable judgment and criticism, an unfavourable judgment. Information given is general and vague, focused on the person, and based on opinions or feelings. Feedback is a useful tool for indicating when things are going in the right direction or for redirecting problem performance. Your objective in giving feedback is to provide guidance by supplying information in a useful manner, either to support effective behavior, or to guide someone back on track toward successful performance.


The first task is defining the term activity. Trainees are required to participate in an activity. This can also mean the project as a whole. Activity planning begins with outlining the structure of work breakdown. The goal of activity planning is pinpointing activities required to achieve deliverables. The reason fun strategic planning activities are so important is they prompt people to want to engage with strategic planning at that moment plus make them eager to participate in the future.


Focus your response on the behavior, avoid blaming it on his personality or condemning him as a “bad” person. Don’t take the angry behavior personally. Keep calm. Leave the person to calm down, if possible. Be aware of body language and tone of voice used to the person. Explain how the situation has affected you. Often people don’t ask or even consider about how others are affected by their behavior, so addressing this directly can help people see some of the consequences of their behavior.


You will be expected to deliver minimum 15 to 20 practical training sessions. Each session will be a 15 minute power packed session. I will consider the last 10 for marks of the number of session you will conduct.

You will get immediate feedback on your performance as well as marks obtained for the session, so that you are aware of your own progress. Minimum 85% is the final passing mark.

Yes, unless I make this course challenging how will you be one of the BEST trainers in the Industries? Like I always say “ my course is NOT a “QUICK FIX” .

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