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British Connections, as the name implies has a British link and founded in April 2006 to provide a quality English Training Service. We have helped numerous people, including many Foreign students improve their English, Soft Skills, Voice and Accent, Now here’s a Thought……. Can you try and remember back to the last time you met someone you thought was a really good communicator? Was it something about their voice? The way they spoke English? Their body Language? The confidence they exuded? Or maybe the way they stood? Or was it a combination of all that and more? And since then you have thought you’d really like to be able to communicate like that as well? And…… that’s where British Connections can help you.

As the years have gone by our TRAIN THE TRAINER COURSE has taken the lead. The people who trained under me have become my Brand Ambassadors. I have always trained ONLY 5 trainees in a batch because I want to give my full attention to the individuals who have trusted me to make a difference in their lives. Our goal is to be the instrument in making your dream come true.


British Connections has been in the training field for the last 13 years. Right from the very start we train our students to believe in the fact that “IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM” (Their trainees) and drilled this most important statement in their minds. I made sure that every trainer looked “like the picture of success” because this is very important for their students to see. Believe me a Trainer’s whole persona is contagious. Learning by doing, experiential learning is an educational approach that engages my students in hands-on activities and encourages them to reflect on and interpret their observations from those experiences. 15 – 20 video session submission by my trainees is enough to set us apart from the other TTT courses.

Most importantly my Train the Trainer course is NOT a “quick fix” I seriously do not believe in quick fix course. My course Module is of 70 hours to be completed in two and a half months. I have studied that people who join this course are working people and giving them a comfortable stretch of time to complete the course gives the best results.

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Is to make a difference in your career life. Our promise is not to let you down in the quality you will receive. Our promise is to be there when you want to connect. Our Promise is to make your dream come true of becoming a great Trainer and a guru. We can promise a lot of things but magic of promises comes true only when both the parties work together giving their best. These are my promises to you and now….what about your promises to me. All I need is a promise that you will give your 100% while doing this course and that’s where the MAGIC happens.

Like our mother’s kitchen which is simple but produces the most delicious food under the sun, so is “British Connections Training Institute”, it is simple and does not boast of any pomp and show but definitely boasts of 100% quality back Training.

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